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Last update: 20-05-2013 13:59

Live audio stream

During Warpstock Europe 2013 you can listen to the audio stream in mp3 format by pointing your audio player at:

Opens external link in new windowhttp://stream.warpstock.net:8405/warpstock.mp3

(Yes the URL is correct it is NOT warpstock.eu!) Also the link will NOT function outside of broadcast hours specified!

For eComStation and OS/2 you download the Z MP3 player Opens external link in new windowZ! MP3 player. Unzip it and when you have started Z.exe use the g menu option to specify the above stream address. On Windows you can use Windows Media Player or VLC; on Linux use VLC or Mplayer.

Please take into account the time difference! The Netherlands in the same time zone as France. If you are located for example in New York in the Netherlands it´s 6 hours later than New York. The Netherlands has timezone CEST (Central European Time), GMT +2.

If you want to ask questions during the presentations use an IRC client and connect to the server irc.ecomstation.com and join channel #WSE2013.

On Friday the 24th of May you can listen from 10:00 until 17:00 hour. The following presentations will be streamed EVT01, APP01, ALL02, DEV02,ALL03,APP05,ALL0, APP07

On Saturday the 25th of May you can listen from 10:00 until 17:00 hour. The following presentations will be streamed EVT03,ALL03,APP05,APP02,APP03,APP04,APP06,DEV01

On Sunday the 26th of May you can listen fron 10:00 until 15:15 hour. The following presentations will be streamed EVT03, APP04,ALL01, APP02,ALL04,APP03,EVT02.

Please see the Opens internal link in current windowOpens internal link in current windowPresentation timetable which code represents which presentation slot and at what time its broadcast.

During the lunch and coffee break the stream will be switched off! Thit means your audio player is disconnected and you will need to reconnect if the stream is no longer playing!