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At the Stay Okay Heemskerk

The most enjoyable place to stay at Warpstock Europe is the Stay Okay Heemskerk itself. For the duration of Warpstock Europe 2013 the hostel is available for attendees.

The hostel strictly follows the non-smoking rule, which bans smoking in all rooms and no pets are allowed. The rooms are accessible for disabled persons.

All rooms are comfortable and provide showers and toilets. There are luggage storages facilities, free Wi-Fi and bicycle rental.

You can choose among private, single-sex and mixed rooms. The single-sex and mixed rooms are intended for attendees who are appear as groups or families.


Whilst every room includes breakfast, it is also possible, for a fee, to obtain lunch. The fee for the lunch depends on the amount of visitors.

You can make your reservation Opens external link in new windowat this page!

Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfast

If you more prefer another hotel, a guest house, or a B & B, there are many places to stay around Heemskerk. Please note, however, that no special arrangements have been made with any of these. For more information, please visit one of the following web sites: